Andrew Croydon looks at what skills we need to develop the medicines of the future, and the skills gaps we need to fill if we're going to keep the UK ahead.

In the UK industry alone, there are a quarter of a million people employed.

What we do know is that there are 31,000 more jobs that need to be filled by 2025. Never has it been more important that we have a sustainable skills pipeline.

We have skills gaps in advanced medicines discoveries that need filling now: in immunology, genomics and clinical pharmacology.

We also know we need to be recruiting the best from around the world in digital and data skills.

All of this means capturing the imagination of people now: people from all backgrounds – with an interest in biology, chemistry, engineering or maths. We’re on a complex journey of personalised medicines and vaccines development.

It’s a journey that thrives on collaboration between pharmaceutical companies, universities, research institutes and hospitals.

Whether you want to be a technician, researcher or developer, there are exciting opportunities for you to make a real difference.