The ABPI's General Election hub brings together everything you need to know about this campaign as it relates to the pharmaceutical industry, including analysis of the main parties manifestos and our own 2020 Manifesto for Medicines.


The United Kingdom’s pharmaceutical industry…

  • employs over 63,000 people, with 24,000 jobs in R&D.
  • invests £4.3 billion into R&D every year – more than any other sector in the UK. That’s £1 in every £5 of all business expenditure on R&D.
  • has an annual turnover of over £33 billion.
  • exports 45 million patient packs of medicine to EU27/EEA countries every month.
  • operates 860 sites in the UK, including manufacturing and R&D facilities.
  • is six times more productive than the UK average manufacturers at £330,000 GVA.